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Beach House Candle

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Featuring a blend of essential oils more commonly known as bug repellents but also used to aid stress and anxiety, Beach House is the perfect fragrance for those occasions when you feel the need to close your eyes and imagine yourself whisked away on your summer vacation.

Top Notes:  Citronella, Lemongrass, Peppermint

Middle Notes:  Lavender

Net Weight:  200g

Burn Time:  Up to 60 hours

Please read "What Size Candle Do I Need?" below.

Benefits of Beach House Essential Oils Broken Down

Citronella:  A famous natural bug repellent, Citronella promotes relaxation and reduces stress. It can uplift the mind and ease feelings of stress and nervousness when inhaled.

Lemongrass: A fresh and citrusy aromatic that is commonly used to alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Peppermint: A cool, refreshing fragrance that can elevate mood and fight depression like symptoms.

Lavender:  A calming oil which has long been used in sleep-promoting products.

What Size Candle Do I Need?

Our samples, tealights and 200g candles work really well in typically sized, enclosed rooms. We are currently working on a 400g candle for larger spaces however while we perfect these if you have larger rooms, open
plan spaces or rooms with high ceilings we recommend either purchasing two 200g candles, a pack of our wax melts or a room spray.


Candle Care

Please refer to the information card enclosed with your candle for care instructions.

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We're proud to say that Oak & Porter candles are not only 100% vegan and cruelty free, they're also made out of a natural wax and are formulated out of only premium ingredients. Because sometimes, only the best will do!