About Me

About Me 

Hey there!

I’m Heather, founder of Oak & Porter - wife to one and mum to two (three if you include the cat) who spent the last 20 years of her life living with her family in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

OK, what can I tell you about me? I love walks with my family in the beautiful South Downs National Park where we live. 

I love all things chocolate. And cake. And desserts. So basically I love sugar!?! I love my morning Nespresso and my afternoon Earl Grey; I love wandering to the local farmers market with the family to see what we can find for lunch; I love playing boardgames with our teen and tween despite the fact I lose every single time; I love working in the garden with my better half; I love weekend sleep-ins and lazy days. And, of course, I love home fragrance!

I created Oak & Porter in 2022 as a way of earning a living on my own terms while juggling the joy that is parenthood. I'd had my own business in Australia for just shy of a decade and knew that having spent so long as an employer, I'd most likely make a pretty awful employee! 

But having spent almost 10 years as a photographer, I was ready for a career change so I turned to what I love most after photography and that's candles.

OK, yes - it's an oversaturated market; there could have been a better choice for my new career! But home fragrance is something I love and when you're self employed doing something you really love is so important because you invest so much of yourself into it. 

I love how burning a candle can genuinely affect your mood. I love the warm glow of the flickering flame when the lights are low. I love how receiving a candle as a present can bring such joy. I love choosing and fine tuning new fragrances. I love every aspect of it.

Yes, it's a crowded market...but for good reason. Besides, there's always room for one more, right?!