Why Choose Oak & Porter?

Oak & Porter was born out of a love of home fragrance and a desire to create a premium, 100% vegan product which is cruelty free, made out of a natural wax and formulated out of only high quality ingredients while remaining affordable to every budget. Yup, it was a big ask…but we achieved it. Welcome to Oak & Porter!

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  • About Oak & Porter

    OK, yes - these days the majority of candles are made with either cheap paraffin or the much loved soy wax. As a new business the safe thing would be for us to follow the pack...but that's never been our style! So when, after many months of research and testing, we found something to offer you that performs better than these two market leaders...well, we rolled with it.

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  • Bee Eco-Friendly!

    (See what we did there?!) Our biodegradable and plantable dust covers are embedded with British wildflower seeds. (We love everything about our brand but we particularly love these!) Simply plant under 1cm of soil, lightly water and watch as your meadow flowers grow and the bees say thank you...from a safe distance!