Why Oak & Porter Candles are Non-Toxic

Why Oak & Porter Candles are Non-Toxic

In the early days of product development at Oak & Porter we were shocked to discover that over 95% of candles on the market today contain paraffin wax which releases known carcinogens into the atmosphere when burnt.

In fact, mass produced candles which claim to be “soy” are often actually a blend of both soy and the cheaper paraffin wax, keeping costs down and profits up. Unbelievably, there is no legal requirement to declare the presence of this petroleum based product in a candle.

We believe your health should never be compromised so we’ve sourced and invested in a more expensive, superior and completely clean wax as well as toxin-free fragrances and wicks to ensure you can enjoy burning your candles without worrying about your wellbeing.   

We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you can purchase Oak & Porter candles safe in the knowledge that they’re completely clean burning and won’t compromise your health. Just strike a match, breathe easy and enjoy the fragrance with complete peace of mind.